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Officially partnering with FileHold, LibreTech's Document Management Services helps manage the key currency of any business: information. Despite the fact that most documents and records are electronic, many business owners aren't aware of the Document and Record Lifecycle. That's where we come in. From the moment a document is created, to when it passes through various workflow processes and on through to being archived and properly disposed of, we efficiently and effortlessly handle these intricacies for your business.


According to Gartner Research "On average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information," while IDC reports that "every lost document costs anywhere from $350 to $700." Basically, without a proper document management solution, if a document were to disappear into thin air you're not only are you wasting time but also wasting money. This is why so many businesses are moving to become paperless offices. Doing so allows them to be more secure, compliant, and most importantly, cost-effective.

As your small or medium-sized business continues to grow, it’s likely that you will see the number of papers cluttering your office begin to grow with it. With Document Management Services from LibreTech, you and your staff will have the ability to instantly create, access, manage, control and distribute electronic documents including spreadsheets, PDF files, graphics, emails, and more.

Not only will your business processes become more efficient, but your company will save a significant amount of money on copiers, paper, toner, fax supplies and storage costs each year.

Document Management Services from LibreTech give you:

  • Efficiency - gain access to the documents you need in seconds
  • Accessibility - staff members have the capability to view documents regardless of their type or source application
  • Security - control who has access to which documents
  • Sharing - allow customers, vendors and other departments within your organization to access documents online without having to find, email or mail them
  • Savings - document imaging will reduce your overheads today and long into the future

With Document Management Services from LibreTech, your company will save time and money while making the lives of you and your employees a whole lot easier.

Interested in our Document Management services but still not ready to fully commit to one particular solution? Don’t worry! For a more informed decision, feel free to try our free trial.

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FileHold offers three types of Document Management services to suit each and every one of your individual or corporate requirements. Click here for further information on Standard, Optional or Custom Document Management Features as well as Document Scanning and Imaging Features.