Email Security Services

Stop infected emails from wrecking your business

  • 91% of successful attacks begin with a phishing email
  • Losses from targeted CEO fraud attacks are growing over 300% year on year.
  • 46% of all ransomware attacks originated from email.
  • 75% of companies suffer from loss of access to email every year.

Email is still the primary means of communication for most businesses, which is why hackers continue to focus their attacks on emails. According to recent studies, as mentioned above 91% of successful cyber attacks begin with a phishing email -- a scam used to trick unwitting users into leaking private information and/or downloading a dangerous file such as Ransomware.

Our Email Security Services is your first line of defense against dangerous messages, data breaches, email downtime, and non-compliance issues -- which can result in severe penalties for your business. We combine intelligent threat detection with email archiving and eDiscovery tools to create a holistic security suite that ensures the safety of your user's inboxes.

Email Security Services from LibreTech include:

  • Advanced email filtering - examines the sender, content, and authenticity of an email before it reaches your inbox
  • Anti-virus protocols - instantly detect and block messages containing malware
  • Encryption systems - prevent data leaks by encoding emails in storage and in transmission
  • Backup servers - ensure your email service is always up and running
  • Archiving - lets you store and index every email and attachment in secure, fully managed data centers
  • eDiscovery features - allow you to instantly retrieve important emails for audits and other legal purposes

Don’t give hackers a way into your business. With LibreTech managing your email security, the only messages you receive are ones that are safe.



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