Backup and Disaster Services

Your Backup and Disaster Services have arrived

There’s nothing more annoying than losing a file. And those are just the non-critical ones. Losing essential data or files can be a nightmare, as your business has to not only worry about replacing that information but also about figuring out what the security ramifications are.

LibreTech is able to back up all your systems and have an offsite backup ready at a moment’s notice. We can help you with disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote offsite storage, virtualization of failed servers, and more, in order to make sure data loss isn’t the end of your company.

Disaster Recovery from LibreTech is:

  • Safe - mission-critical files are always safe with our data backups
  • Fast - no delays in getting back to business with quick recovery processes
  • Compliant - your data is always secure and compliant under our watch
  • Dependable - 24/7 monitoring and management of data

You never know when the unexpected can happen, so enlist LibreTech to keep your backups safe and secure. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing they are ready at a moment’s notice.